September 2017 - May 2018

Dancers/Performers: 7-8
Artistic/Administrative Staff: 2*


Winner of the Jacob's Pillow Dance Award and the Joyce Theater Residency and Creation Award in 2015, Liz Gerring explores non-narrative, abstract movement to create works characterized by their intense physicality and intricate choreography. She regularly garners acclaim for her enthralling works in which movement is evolved from cause and effect rather than storytelling, and framed by independent media elements – often a multichannel sound score, or video set design.

Gerring's three works touring in 2017-2018, glacier, HORIZON  and (T)HERE TO (T)HERE (premiering Fall 2016), are the result of a longtime collaborative partnership between Liz Gerring, resident company composer Michael J. Schumacher and noted lighting and set designer Robert Wierzel.

The company's last two works were included in The New York Times: "Top Ten Dance Works of the Year" by Alastair Macaulay. glacier was also nominated for "Best Outstanding Production" by the Bessie Awards in 2014. 

*Liz Gerring may not always travel with the company. Contact RSA for more details. 

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Liz Gerring
Artistic Collaborator:
Kay Rosen
Michael J. Schumacher
Lighting Design:
Amith Chandrashaker
Video Set Design: Josh Higgason
(T)HERE TO (T)HERE will premiere in Fall 2016 as part of Lincoln Center's White Light Festival. It is a work for five dancers with a running time of approximately 45 minutes.

The work is a collaboration with visual artist Kay Rosen. (T)HERE TO (T)HERE is based on a central couple whose journey is accompanied by projected text arranged to create a visual space of words and color. Its initial structure was derived from independent solos built on the principal dancers Brandon Collwes and Claire Westby. The dancer's solos, coming together and moving apart, mirror the cyclical nature of our own relationships. Gerring intended this smaller scale work to be performed in a more intimate setting allowing the audience to experience the dancers as individuals. (T)HERE TO (T)HERE reflects a more personal subject matter while adhering to her fundamental use of movement as the primary focus.

Choreographer: Liz Gerring
Composer: Michael J. Schumacher
Production Design: Robert Wierzel
glacier is an evening length choreographic work for seven to eight dancers based on composer Michael J. Schumacher's 2007-2012 work Glacier. It was commissioned by Peak Performances at Montclair State University, NJ and premiered Sept. 19-22, 2013 at the Alexander Kasser Theater.

"I began making this work with a series of gestures. The simple strung movements, initially of hands and arms, transposing my ideas to a sequence of images. Gradually the work unfolded, gestures expanding into fuller body realizations, into a layering of movement as it gathered momentum. I really felt simultaneously both the solidity and the evanescence inside the sound score and used that as we developed the work in residence at the large space of the Kasser Theater at Montclair"
- Liz Gerring, choreographer

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Choreographer: Liz Gerring
Composer: Michael J. Schumacher
Production Design: Robert Wierzel
Costume Design: Liz Prince
Horizon was commissioned by Peak Performances at Montclair State University, NJ and premiered December 2015. Building on their success with 2013's glacier, Gerring and her collaborators, composer Michael J. Schumacher and lighting/set designer Robert Wierzel, create a mesmerizing work for 7 dancers centered around the idea of density.

"In this piece I endeavored to add as much as possible to the space in terms of dancers and movement. With multiple phrases occurring simultaneously the dance takes the form of a constantly shifting universe of activity. As the piece evolves, two soloists emerge from the group providing a focal shift from group to isolation. Finally the work resolves back to the full group.

My preceding work, glacier, was an exercise of stripping away in an effort to reduce movement to its least possible form. Working again with collaborators Michael Schumacher and set and lighting designer Robert Wierzel, we’ve done something different. Michael and I are exploring a closer, almost dependent relationship. His multiple rhythms and use of live musicians propel the multiple actions onstage, supporting the dancers movement in a way that is unusual for us.

Robert’s set and lights place the stage at times off balance, with the viewer experiencing the proscenium from what seems a changing asymmetrical perspective to provide a feeling of moving through a day, or time."

-Liz Gerring, choreographer


Outreach & Residencies

Liz Gerring and dancers can provide a variety of master classes depending on the level of participants, teaching either LGDC repertoire or providing a lecture/demo on their work.


LGDC has experience in teaching versions of their repertoire to advanced dance students through collaborations with faculty and dance educators in NYC and nationally. LGDC can tailor specifics based on the needs of a particular institution.

Tech Info

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Contact RSA for HORIZON Tech Rider.

PRE-HANG and Prior day load-in required.

Minimum proscenium opening: 40ft wide X 22ft high. Minimum wall-to-wall width 37' deep from plaster line to back wall.

Lighting, sound equipment and soft goods.

glacier requires a white marley floor. Minimum size 50ft wide X 35ft deep. Plus black marley to frame white dance floor.

Program requirements vary according to the repertory. Some can be tailored for alternative venues such as gallery spaces, museums, or other open or outdoor spaces.

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