October, November 2018
February – April, 2019


Dancers/Performers: 7-8
Artistic/Administrative Staff: 1-2
(Artistic Director and Company Manager)
Production / Technical: 1


Winner of the Jacob's Pillow Dance Award, the Joyce Theater Residency and Creation Award, and the NY City Center Choreographic Fellowship, Liz Gerring explores non-narrative, abstract movement to create works characterized by their intense physicality and intricate choreography. 

She regularly garners acclaim for her enthralling works in which movement is evolved from physical cause and effect rather than storytelling, and framed by independent media elements – a multichannel sound score or video set design.



premiere - field

For more than a decade Liz Gerring’s video-driven sets and lighting were integral to her spare abstract choreography.  Her new work is a departure now focusing on the essentials of the movement – “the sheer physicality of the dance”-

Gerring’s explanation for this evolution is bracingly straightforward: “This new work reflects a cultural landscape that requires artists to further their resolve in a largely unsupported environment. It is appropriate to cut away excess in terms of theatricality, means of production, cost. This dance is designed and choreographed to be reshaped for presentation ANYWHERE. Physical tenacity is Gerring’s lodestar now and it generates an emotional energy that sends the sparks flying. 


(T)here to (T)here premiered in Fall 2016 as part of Lincoln Center’s White Light Festival. The work is collaboration with visual artist Kay Rosen. (T)here To (T)here is based on a central couple whose journey is accompanied by projected text arranged to create a visual space or words and color. Its initial structure was derived from independent solos built on the principal dancers The solos, coming together and moving apart, mirror the cyclical nature of our own relationships. Gerring intended this smaller scale work to be performed in more intimate settings allowing the audience to experience the dancers as individuals. (T)here to (T)here reflects a more personal subject matter while adhering to her fundamental use of movement as the primary focus.


Residency Activities


Liz Gerring and dancers can provide a variety of master classes depending on the level of participants, teaching either LGDC repertoire or providing a lecture/demo on their work.


LGDC has experience in teaching versions of their repertoire to advanced dance students through collaborations with faculty and dance educators in NYC and nationally. LGDC can tailor specifics based on the needs of a particular institution.



Complete Technical Rider upon Request