Martha graham dance company

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Summer 2019 – June 2020


Dancers/Performers: 15-20
Artistic/Administrative Staff: 3
Production / Technical: 3-4


As the oldest and most celebrated modern dance company in America, the Martha Graham Dance Company exemplifies its founder's timeless and uniquely American style of dance -- one that has influenced generations of artists and continues to captivate audiences worldwide. 

The pioneering choreographer and her dancers radically expanded the dance vocabulary, rooting it in social, psychological, and sexual ideas, forever altering the scope of the art form. The company offers the Graham experience for a range of audiences and venues. Its popular thematic programming combines Graham classics with contemporary works created for the company by artists such as Nacho Duato,  Pontus Lidberg, Kyle Abraham and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.

The company customizes programming for each venue in partnership with the presenter. Programs can be organized around a presenter's season theme or local anniversary. 



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special for the 2019-2020 season –
the eve project

The Eve Project celebrates the upcoming 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which finally afforded women the right to vote in the United States. The range of women choreographers featured in the program is comprehensive, from the deepest roots of modern dance -- Martha Graham's heroines and anti-heroines -- to contemporary superstars. The Graham share of the show could include her early, all-women CHRONICLE and the classics Appalachian Spring andCave of the Heart. The latest generation is represented in spectacular fashion by Americans Annie B. Parson, Lucinda Childs, Pam Tanowitz and Canadian Aszure Barton. 

panorama project

This great community-connecter began several years ago and has been extremely popular. In the weeks before the Company’s performance, local dance students rehearse Graham’s dynamic early work, Panorama, which she created for 33 students in 1935. The local cast then performs Panorama as part of the company’s performance. This extended teaching residency builds interest throughout the community, always increases attendance and provides a memorable experience for the students and audience members alike.

Other Thematic Projects Include:

Shape and Design: Illuminates the distinctly American form of Modernism rooted in dynamism, athleticism, and simplicity. This program highlights the work of Graham and current artists, who use form and architecture to kinesthetically shape space. 

Inner Landscape: Illuminates the distinctly American form of Modernism rooted in dynamism, athleticism, and simplicity. This program highlights the work of Graham and current artists, who use form and architecture to kinesthetically shape space. 

Scared / Profane: Contrasts ritualistic and mystical dances with those that consider the emotional interaction of real life. Graham’s Primitive Mysteries, Diversion of Angels and Dark Meadow may be included with works by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Annie-B Parsons.

Prelude and Revolt: Offers a montage of seminal dances, surrounded by media and narration, capturing Graham’s early years and the beginnings of her indelible influence on American art.

Noguchi / Graham: New Visions for Space: Celebrates the close artistic relationship between sculptor Isamu Noguchi and choreographer Martha Graham, featuring ballets which include sets Noguchi created and new works which also explore the onstage landscape. This program is often presented in conjunction with a museum or gallery partner.

Myth and Transformation: Features how artists appropriate classic stories and transform them to make contemporary statements. Graham's masterworks based on the Greek drama are central to these programs, and they are framed by a range of contemporary dances.


Residency Activities


Senior members of the Company work with beginning, intermediate or advanced dance students in intensive sessions introducing them to the Martha Graham Technique and excerpts from the repertory.


Company members present a performance with demonstrations. This presentation includes information about Martha Graham, how emotion is conveyed through Graham’s “body language,” demonstrations of her revolutionary technique and excerpts from the company’s repertory. Study Guide material available for participants.


Professional development workshops for teachers and programs that connect Graham’s themes to academic study are available. Study Guide material can be provided for participants


Panels, Film Screenings, Gallery Displays, Photo Exhibits, Lectures, Pre and Post Show Conversations are all available.



Complete Technical Rider upon Request