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NEW FOR 2023/2024

Indra’s Net

(working title – new interdisciplinary work)

Indra’s Net will exemplify the interconnectedness of the universe through sound and performance. Following On Behalf of Nature (2013) a plea for ecological awareness and Cellular Songs an inward exploration of the fabric of life, Indra’s Net will be Monk’s third evening-length work in a series dedicated to the examination of our relationship to nature. Monk creates an environment that reflects the web-like dependence of life down to the cellular level.



Commissioned by Mills College with support from the Hewlett Foundation, the works utilizes a 16-member chamber orchestra along with eight members of Monk’s Vocal Ensemble. The musicians will be spread throughout the space creating an installation like form which will be amplified by a unique sound system created in collaboration with Meyer Sound specific to the needs of this work.

Meredith Monk with Katie Geissinger and Allison Sniffin In Concert

In this evening-length performance, Meredith Monk offers one of her rare, more intimate concerts with renowned members of her Vocal Ensemble, Katie Geissinger, and Allison Sniffin. The concert reflects Monk’s six decades of innovation and awe-inspiring vocal mastery, mining the depths of the myriad possibilities of the human voice.


Repertoire includes: Selections from ATLAS: an opera in three parts (1991), Cellular Songs (2018), The Games (1984), impermanence (2004-2006), Light Songs (1988), The Politics of Quiet (1996), and Volcano Songs: Duets (1993).

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