Vertigo dance company of israel

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March – April, 2020


Vertigo Dance Company of Israel is marking its 25th anniversary as the State of Israel celebrates its 75th.

Vertigo Dance Company has been designated a “Major Dance Company” by the Israel Ministry of Culture and Sports in recognition of its distinct work and excellent reputation both in the contemporary dance scene, as well being an outstanding worldwide ambassador for dance from Israel, acknowledging the remarkable scope of their international tours including performances in China, Morocco, Ethiopia, South America, the U.S., the Balkans and all of Europe.

The company has been led from the beginning by Artistic Director /Choreographer Noa Wertheim and Executive Director Adi Sha’al. Vertigo is based in an Eco-Art Village between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem that puts sustainable living at the center of participant’s lives and allows the company to explore the profound connections that exist between society, art and the environment. They are known worldwide for their classes working with a variety of populations.



one, one and one

This stunning work revolves around the individual’s inner need to be whole, while constantly being challenged by a fragmented reality within the existential social and spiritual realms in which we live.  A work of joy with original music created by Avid Balleli, it is about an internal reunion.  With a cast of 8 dancers, One,One and One asks us to pay attention while developing the metaphoric relationship between self and other. 


Residency Activities


Led by a member of the company, 90-minute master classes in technique and repertory are available for high school, college and professional dance students.


The company offers hands-on experience with the unique Vertigo dance language for Professional and semi-professional dancers.

noa wertheim & company

An insightful talk that shares with the audience various elements of Vertigo's creative process from the essential idea through to the development of movements and the adaptation of studio work for stage accompanied by dance segments performed by the Vertigo Dance Company dancers. The lecture-demonstration is usually held in a studio with no set stage and costumes.


An evening about Vertigo Dance Company, The Vertigo Eco-Art Village, and/or the Vertigo International Dance Program.


An integrative movement workshop for able-bodied, disabled and/or blind persons (by special arrangement).


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One. One & One – Inevitably Political Art.

 Tal Levin, Achbar HaIr, February 17, 2017

"This choreography includes sections of restrained movement, confining the exploding energy of the dancers, as well as entire segments of raging ferocity. More than ever before One. One & One manifests Wertheim’s ability to move between these modes in a timely manner allowing the subtle moments to highlight the tempestuous and vice versa. With a precise amount of liberated motion, there is no exaggeration whatsoever, resembling a carefully choreographed no-rules wrestling with modest rhythmic and measured gestures. Likewise, the soil assumes various representations appearing as – a border, swarms of blood, a plowed field, a boxing ring and at the end – the sand from within a flapping winged bird emerges."

One. One & One – contemplation dance.

Zvi Goren, HaBama, February 16, 2017

"A prism that allows for further observation of the human soul, the individual’s oneness or personal unity as well as the ability and desire to connect with the other. Set across the deserts of loneliness, detachment and separation and the immense longing to reunite, this is, in essence, a depiction of the course of a social life, from the smallest cell to the collective."





Complete Technical Rider upon Request